12 Week Program with Certified Dementia Practitioner, Transformational Coach, and Senior Living Expert Michele Magner 

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When the responsibility of taking care of your parent, grandparent, or aging family member falls on your shoulders, the weight of it can be a lot.

All of a sudden, you have to make major decisions about...

  • Who will take care of the chores and activities that your parent can't do?
  • When is it time for them to stop driving?
  • Can they still live alone or is it time for some sort of assisted living?


On top of that, you have your own family to take care of, your job, your home, and you do not feel you have the help or support you need.

Can you relate?


"Thank you Michele for all the laughter and tears, the work, the frustration, and understanding. Thank you for sticking with me through it all and believing in me and helping me get to where I am today. You are an outstanding coach and I appreciate everything we've been through together more everyday."


The Inspired Caring Group Coaching Program is a place for YOU to get the support that you need.

You want to manage this time of your life with grace and feeling opposed to handling this stressful time in chaos and indecision.

Online Course

You'll get the core content to help reshape how you view this time of your life and expand your capacity to handle it.

Group Coaching

Weekly checkins to make sure that you are okay, get the answers you need, and additional resources you may not have considered.


You are not alone. There are so many people going through what you are going through, and it's easier to go through it together in a community as opposed to isolated.

Inspired Caring Group Coaching

Get the support you need to move through this time of your life with grace and confidence.

Enroll Today - We Begin January 16th

What it is:

The Inspired Caring Group Coaching program is a 12 week program designed to help you manage the different responsibilities of your life now that you are adding “Caregiver” to your list of things to do.

What You Get:

Inspired Caring Online Course

The six core lessons are around helping you shift the way you are viewing the situation so that you can expand your capacity to handle all of this. We’ll cover:

  1. Thought Process: How you communicate with your parents, siblings, doctors, etc is of utmost importance and lack of good communication can be the root cause of so many avoidable problems. Everything starts with your thoughts.
  2. Values and Priorities:  When you know what you value, you know what is important and what isn’t. You’ll save critical decision making skills when you understand your values and priorities.
  3. Minimizing and Simplifying: You only have so much bandwidth and adding this on is no small undertaking.  You need to minimize, streamline, and simplify everything that you can in life so you can see what really needs to be done, and what doesn’t.
  4. Manage Your Stress and Feeling Your Feelings: This is a heavy time, and it’s tempting to numb out. Don’t. Staying in  your body and being willing to feel is putting you in the power position. That’s where you need to stay.
  5. Expectations: If you put expectations on other people but don’t communicate them, or expectations on yourself and don’t follow through – that is all a recipe for disaster. We’ll talk about how to be aware of our expectations and what’s realistic and what’s not.
  6. Remember to Live: Yes, this is a hard time, there is no denying that. But how can you find joy in the moments? How can you make peace with what is happening? How can you let go, so that the time you do have left with your aging family member is a time of love?


PLUS Additional bonus lessons including:

Logistics: Divide and Conquer with your siblings, spouse, etc


What To Do When You Make a Mistake (It’s inevitable)


While the core content and bonus lessons will give you the tools you need to take care of yourself and set yourself up for success during this time, we are most excited about the weekly group coaching calls.


12 Weeks of Group Coaching

We’ll meet everyday Tuesday at Noon CST for 12 weeks. These calls will be your chance to check in, ask a question, get feedback, and listen to other people’s experiences. 

The reason these group coaching calls are so powerful is because during this time, we can feel like we're on an island.

Like we are the only person to go through this. Sure, we may have our partners, siblings, or friends to talk to– but a lot of times, they are just as drained and unsure of what to do as you are.

Having the chance to talk to a senior living expert, family caregiver and transformational coach like me will give you a chance to speak with someone who has the energy and expertise and who really understands what you're going through.

I’ve been there and deeply understand what you are going through.

I’ll be able to provide you with a bird’s eye view of your situation, resources that you may not have considered before, and help you create an action plan so you know what to do next.

It’s important for us to realize that we are not alone in these situations.

Having that weekly touchpoint with me will give you a chance to find solutions to what you are going through in real time.

“Michele is a phenomenal coach and I highly recommend her. Her passion is contagious and her insights are thought-provoking and actionable. She really helped me work through some really big mental blocks in just our first meeting.”  – John Vyhlidal

Did you know...

Nearly 5 million people in America have dementia and those numbers are expected to rise.

You can’t fix someone else’s health. All you can do is provide love and support, and manage yourself.

The Inspired Caring Group Coaching program is designed to help you walk through this chapter of your life with confidence, clarity, and calm.

Inspired Caring Group Coaching

A 12 week program designed to give you the tools, resources, and support you need to help you take care of your aging parent.

Enroll Today - We Begin January 16th

Meet Michele

After caring for both of my aging grandmothers as well as my in-laws as they navigate dementia, terminal cancer, senior living and more, I realized I wanted to work in this field and provide as much help as I could to the families involved.

I have a background in Assisted Living Memory Care, Masters Certificate in Gerontology, and am a certified transformational coach. 

Both my personal and professional experiences have led me to create the Inspired Caring Group Coaching Program. 

I believe everything I’ve gone through with my family members and with my education has led me to where I am today – ready to help you and people like you manage this time in your life. And help you use this time in your life to bring out the best in  you – as opposed to you feeling like you're inadequate because you're up against so much.

Caring for aging family members is a huge undertaking and responsibility – why go through it alone? This might be the most important thing that you ever do. It can be stressful, painful, and frustrating — or it can be rewarding. It can challenge you in a good way. It can make you see how strong you are. It can give you clarity and calm so you can enjoy these last few years with your parents instead of dreading it.


I hope you’ll join us in the Inspired Caring program.